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Cheong & Mun Trading Pte Ltd started as a small furniture manufacturer dealing with antique furniture for more than a decade ago. Over the past years, it has evolved in response to changing tastes, attitudes and lifestyles. Today, Cheong & Mun Trading Pte Ltd has become a household name for Re-Upholstery and Supply of sofas and cushions, all thanks to our friends and loyal customers who have supported us in many ways.

Managing Partner Profile

From a greenhorn in furniture business to an outstanding figure today, Mr. David Cheong has been constantly seeking for a breakthrough in everything he does. He believes in providing quality & satisfaction for discerning customers who are looking for individuality, quality and style with a range of furniture reflecting the corresponding environment. “The quest for excellence never stops, providence of reasonable prices never ceases” This is the motto that David instills in every of his colleagues’ hearts.

Cheong & Mun 's Team

Cheong & Mun is supported by a group of experienced and capable staffs that is loyal and industrious. Together with David ‘s vision, they form a professional and efficient team to serve every customer with pride. By treating every piece of furnishings like precious jewels, they promise to bring the best out of it. Regardless of how the condition of the old furnishings may seems to be, they will be transformed by Cheong & Mun’s team of experts to class, pleasant & durable figures.



Besides working hard to achieve excellence for our trusted customers, Cheong And Mun's Team also have a vision to promote harmony and bonding among colleagues. It is through teamwork that Cheong And Mun has come so far and it is always rewarding and proud to be part of the family.